Author name: Morgan Sexton, Katherine Kalpos, and Amelia Vance

48 Hours of Student Privacy News

48 Hours of Student Privacy News May 24, 2023 In the past two days, the child and student privacy landscape has been overwhelmed with an influx of news and announcements. The biggest? The FTC’s new settlement with edtech company Edmodo might break school technology use in a few different ways, including shifts on which education entities edtech vendors can contract with and what rights parents have to modify or delete their children’s education data. While that would certainly be enough to hold our attention, we also saw: A major conservative think tank stating publicly that they believe that the pending […]

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February Updates

February Updates February 23, 2023 TLDR: February has been (unofficial) child privacy month. These issues were the focus of last week’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, received the “loudest ovation” during the State of the Union, and popped up during the recent House Education and Workforce Committee hearing. Here are this month’s highlights and our big takeaways: Senate Hearing: Protecting Our Children Online “Senators from both parties are once again taking aim at big tech companies, reigniting their efforts to protect children from “toxic content” online. At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday, they said they plan to “act swiftly”

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Bipartisan Support for Child Privacy Protections

Support for Child Privacy Protections “We must finally hold social media companies accountable for the experiment they are running on our children for profit. And it’s time to pass bipartisan legislation to stop Big Tech from collecting personal data on kids and teenagers online, ban targeted advertising to children, and impose stricter limits on the personal data these companies collect on all of us.”  – President Biden, 2023 State of the Union Address At the State of the Union (SOTU) address last Tuesday night, President Biden reaffirmed that child privacy remains a priority for his administration. This statement inspired the

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