Child & Student Privacy Issues: Legislative Analysis

Child & Student Privacy Issues: Legislative Analysis

A collection of resources analyzing federal and state child and student privacy proposals.

Recent Legislative Analysis


Fixing FERPA: Strengthening Transparency & Confidence in FERPA Enforcement


Fixing FERPA: Increasing Transparency to Make FERPA’s Privacy Protections More Meaningful


Fixing FERPA: Enhancing EdTech Accountability


Fixing FERPA: Clarifying Data Sharing Through a Defined Pedagogical Exception


Fixing FERPA: Distinguishing Between Core & Secondary Technology Uses

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Fixing FERPA

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Comparing Provisions in KOSMA and KOSA

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Comparing Definitions of “Social Media Platform” in KOSMA

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House Improves KOSA, but Major Problems Persist for Schools

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Comparing Requirements for Schools Under E-Rate & KOSMA

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